Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Wouldn't Want to See a Polar Bear

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Did anyone see the list of Adventures that should be on your bucket list?  It was the Ultimate Adventure Travel Bucket List through Travel & Leisure.  I printed it and showed it to Doodle, as he is looking through the list, I can already tell that most of the adventures are not his speed.  Then he comes to meeting the Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  I have been talking about this vacation for years now.

I excitedly exclaim, "Who wouldn't want to see a Polar Bear!"  Doodle just looks at me and giggles... I ignore the giggle, tell him the Polar Bears are dying out, we need to visit them soon.  By this point, he is unable to contain an outright laugh.  I give up!


  1. So he doesn't want to see one? That's just plain not fun.

  2. I know, who does not want to see a Polar Bear!