Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Is Doodle running in his jammies????
Utterly spent, just wanting to finish!

We did it!  Doodle and I "ran" - I use that term loosely our first 5k on Saturday.  We have been working our way toward a marathon later this year or early next year and we accomplished our first goal.

Saturday dawned cold and grey, in fact, they were calling for snow flurries.  We put on our new long sleeve shirts that we got when we signed up for the race, long johns, sweats, grabbed a quick bit to eat, downed a cup of coffee, and were out the door!  We arrived a bit early; since we had no idea what to expect and watched the "real" runners warm up. Talk about intimidation, these people were serious!

Soon it was time to line up, gun goes off and wait we are not moving, the waves of people before us were to great!  Finally, we were off.  Doodle pulled ahead and remained there the entire 3.2 miles.  The first mile or so was all down hill and we sped along at a great clip, of course, that means the last mile or so was uphill, needless to say, I walked some.  As we got closer to the park, you could hear people cheering and to be honest, I put on a burst of energy, rounded the corner and looked at the time clock - 29:33

OMG - I am under 30 minutes, I am doing great!

Then, I realize you have to lap the park before you cross the finish line, goodness, another .5 miles to go, DEFLATION!

Doodle finished in 33:12 and my goal was to finish in under 40 minutes, my time was 35:18 = success.

10k here we come.



  1. That's awesome. I've never had the courage to do anything like that.

  2. Wow! I have nothing but admiration for you.