Monday, February 25, 2013

Plumbing Lesson

Yesterday I had a lesson in plumbing...  that it takes twice as long and is twice as difficult as I think it should be.  My sink was not draining, you know how that is, all the gunk that we use on a daily basis eventually clogs the sink.  Doodle offered to help, but I insisted that I could clean it, after all, it is my gunk!

All was going well, I had removed the trap, water was draining into the bucket, the pipes were getting cleaned, I had successfully avoided throwing up AND THEN

I broke the pipe!  Who knew I had such super human strength!

When pulling a towel through the pipes to get the last of the buildup I did not pull down but rather toward me and the pipe broke.  I just looked at Doodle and said "OOPS".  That meant that Doodle had to load into the car, drive to our local big box home store to purchase items for replacing the drain assembly.  Two hours later, I had my sink back.

The moral of the story... let Doodle clean the drains!  


  1. Ooops. We tried to replace a garbage disposal and broke a pipe. $100 later with the plumber it was fixed and I said we will never do plumbing again.

  2. When we got rid of the garbage disposal and had new pipes put in, I had the repair man use metal pipes. He just looked at me like I was crazy, but they work very nicely. Doodle's a super husband!