Friday, March 1, 2013

The Mole

I do not work on Wednesdays.  Okay, clarification, I am suppose to be off on Wednesdays since I work four 10 hour days the rest of the week.  Most weeks, I end up working a couple of hours ensuring that the customers are not freaking out when they do not an immediate response.  (No, I am not bitter!) 

This past Wednesday the weather was nice enough in the afternoon to warrant having the door open to the deck so Mo could freely move about without me continually opening and closing the door.  Oh the trouble she caused!

I was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher, enjoying that the sun was actually shining and I hear this horrendous meowing.  My heart jumped into me throat, Mo somehow got out front and she was hurt!  I start calling her while moving into the hallway.

Imagine my surprise when Mo comes around the corner with a small brown fuzzy something in her mouth.  I admit it, I screamed like a girl.  She had a mouse!  Mo proudly drops said mouse on the floor and looks at me like 'see what I brought you'.  At this point, I realize the mouse is a mole.  The mole starts running down the hallway toward me, over my foot.  I scream like a girl again and head the other direction.

Mo must have decided that I really liked the present because she made a beeline back out the door and I realized I have a mole somewhere in the house.  What does one do when there is a small, fuzzy, blind mole loose in the house... why... call the husband!

Me: "Doodle, we have a mole in the house!"

DB: "What"

Me: "There is a mole in the house and I do not know where it is"


Me: "Not really sure!"

Me: "Got to go, Love you"

I am not sure what Doodle said at the end, nor am I sure I want to know what was said!

I started looking for the mole and found the poor scared creature huddled behind the bleach container in the laundry room.  It was the cutest little thing, I think it was rather young or it was actually a shrew or a vole, as it did not have the big front feet that moles are suppose to have.  It looked like brown velvet and I manage to control my urge to pet it.  I scooped it up with a towel and hurried downstairs into the yard.

Guess what was waiting for me... MO!  She was sitting right by the hole the mole must have come up from.  I scolded her and dropped the mole back into the hole.  Success!  

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  1. I love this story! It looks like a vole. I had a pair of them in the yard one year and would watch them out the bedroom window. They finally disappeared, so probably a cat got them. They are cute. I don't think Mo is going to give up that easy. You may have another present soon, lol.