Sunday, July 14, 2013

Working is Over-rated!

We've gone four days without rain!  I never thought I would be excited to say that but there you have it.  We have had more rain in the last six months than we had all of last year.  Our tomato and okra plants are growing something fierce, we had a bunch of tomatoes that we ate last night.  I think the key was the new soil that Doodle mixed in because our peppers are not doing well at all and their soil was old.  Live in learn in the garden!

Last week was my first week working a full five days in over a year.  I had been on a compressed work week working four ten hour days with Wednesday's off.  Let me tell you, five day work weeks are over-rated!  I was exhausted by Friday afternoon and felt like I put in over 40 hours.  There is such a huge learning curve in my new department, I call us the three blind mice (and I am not joking) I hope they continue to have faith in me.

Doodle must have known that I was struggling because I came home on Thursday to a surprise bouquet of flowers, they are just beautiful.  We also got the plant stand that we bought at the estate sale back from being sandblasted, we were able to get the primer coat of paint on it and plan on getting the top coat done today.  Once it is finished, I will share some photos.   


  1. Can't wait to see the plant stand photos, but I will :)

  2. ...I am waiting to see the your finished plant stand project.

    And in my opinion...the best part of working is retirement!!! ;o)