Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Month

I have been in my new position for a month now.  While I hate to admit that I thought it may have been a mistake taking the job, I am really starting to like it.  I am learning new software, meeting tons of people and so far, I think they like me.  At least, I hope they do, cause I certainly need the income! 

A couple of weeks ago, Doodle and I went on an adventure to...

Goodness, that place is huge!  We wore ourselves out walking around looking at all the stuff they have.  They have stuff you never knew you needed.  While it was an experience and an adventure, I cannot say that I would shop there or have any desire to return. 

That same day, we decided to visit the Dekalb International Farmers Market, we were on the hunt for crawfish for the boil that Doodle was making that night.  When I lived in Atlanta, I spent many a happy weekend wandering the aisles of the Farmers Market marveling at the items from across the globe.  I love this place, the fruit and veggies are so fresh and reasonably priced.  They have spices in bulk at prices that cannot be beat, a great selection of meats, seafood, cheese, a bakery, and lunch line.  I think that Doodle was a bit overwhelmed, to be honest, it is crowded and even more so on a Saturday afternoon.  If you ever visit Atlanta, this is a place not to be missed.


  1. Glad your new position is working. If we ever make it back to Atlanta, that Farmer's Market sounds wonderful.

  2. Of course they like you!!! What is there NOT to like? And as the weeks go by, you'll no doubt like it even more!!