Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn 2013

Here in Georgia we did not have much of a summer, we had weekly rain showers, that brought forth bugs of increasing size, plants that grew inches in a day, and tomatoes overflowing.  However last few weeks finally brought summer, it has been hot and steamy, so I am thrilled that autumn has arrived. I can finally get my hay bale out along with all my fall decorations that will take us through to Thanksgiving.

What amazes me is how the plants and trees know it is fall, just a couple of days with cool mornings and the leaves are changing and dropping.  Only two hummingbirds are still around, all the others have gone south.  Happy Fall!

Make sure you stop by Doreen McGettigan blog today, I snagged her picture of the Harvest Moons, I just couldn't resist!



  1. LOVE that harvest moon!!

    Around here, we had such a dry summer with boiling temps. Today we woke up to a morning low of 69...which is good.

    Happy Autumn

  2. If you're still reading your comments, I want to wish you and your gang a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and much fun. Happy Holidays!