Monday, September 2, 2013

Dragon Con 2013

Dragon Con is the worlds largest sci-fi / fantasy convention held here in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend.  Each weekend they have a parade that thousands of people flock to downtown to watch.  This year, Doodle and I attended and we were not disappointed.  How do you explain Dragon Con... I have thought about this for the past two days, for a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, it is a place to loose yourself in a character, meet authors, actors, and other like-minded fans. It is a feast for the eyes, unique, creative, original, eccentric, AWESOME!

The crowd in the parking deck behind us:
Start of the parade:
Go Speed Racer...
Lord of the Rings:
Judge Dredd:
Cardboard Superheros:
Tomorrow, more parade!

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  1. That is quite the assortment of parade participants.