Saturday, September 3, 2016

Memorial to Shen

For those of you who stumble onto this blog, my life is not all low points, it seems as if 2016 has been a low year so far, life as not gone as planned. That being said, Doodle and I are happy, healthy and very lucky, so I have no complaints.

Even though Shen Edmund Fitzfurred passed in 2014 I wanted to take just a moment to memorialize this small wonderful bundle of love.

If you need a refresher on how Shen came to live with me, you can visit one of my first posts. Shen was truly an original, he was happy until the day he passed. My favorite memories of Shen are of him running loops around the yard, playing with his "TV" and worming his way up to the top of the bed so he could lay on the pillows as well. This worming continued until he was just not able to move around as well as he did when he was a youngster and every now and again, when either Doodle or I cannot settle, we say to the other "you are worming".

Shen was somewhere between 14 and 15 years old when he passed, which for the inbred pooch that he was, is a testament to his spirit and love of life. He is missed daily, it is still odd to get home and not have his smile waiting for us. Shen was truly "The Best Dog Ever".

Love You Dear One!

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