Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Starting to Click

For those of you who have been around awhile know I show horses. Of course, while this is 100% factual, I do show horses, I am not a professional nor even a decent amateur. I have moments of greatness followed by rounds of despair. This show year has been rounds of misery. This past weekend we had a small local show and after many months of begging my trainer, Barb, to take Pete to a show, she finally agreed. 

We were back in the lowest class you can be in once you have moved up to suits or performance classes… Open Walk/Trot. To be honest, I was very surprised she agreed to even take Pete after my ride in a double bridle the week before. (Double bridles are hard, you have two reins, two bits and if you do one thing wrong, it all goes to hell in a hand basket quickly). So imagine my surprise when Saturday morning dawned bright and hot and Barb said “load Pete”!

After arriving at the show and getting everyone settled, my first class was to be on Pete, Barb looked at me and asked “what bridle do you want to use”? We had brought several and my first instinct was to go back to a German martingale which are not allowed in performance classes and then I thought, no, this small show is the perfect place to work with a more difficult bridle. I pointed to one that we grabbed on the way out, it was a Pelham, so one bit, two reins. 

Up onto Pete, into the practice ring, I tried to do everything Barb said, keep my hands low and in one place, do not post like I am flying out of the saddle and guess what… we had a great class! Granted the third place finish for most people means failure for me it was a great ride. Yes, I made some mistakes, turning and walking in a straight line is not my strong point that can be worked on. That good ride, lead to two good rides on Jay and another on Pete. 

I was so very proud of myself, after four years of riding, things are starting to click and even better, Barb was happy and proud. So happy that we are taking Pete to the next show, which will be much bigger than the small local show.

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