Monday, September 5, 2016

Wonderful Weekend

Yes, this weekend was full of sadness and tears, yet this weekend was also full of happiness, smiles and laughter. I turned 46 on Sunday, I suppose it is onerous to mention ones ages in these times; however, I am quite content with myself, therefore do not fee odd in saying I am now 46.

Doodle and I have been busily working on the remodel of our bathroom and finished up some of the last items that needed to be ordered, like rugs, washlet and towels. We also enjoyed lunch at Steak-n-Shake on Saturday with a fudge strawberry shake for me... so many calories but oh so good!

Tonight Doodle made fried calamari and salad for dinner, it was our first attempt at calamari and I have to admit, turned out quite well. Lucy and Ethel still provide much needed distractions from this life and while Lucy is being a bit of a bully she is still fat and happy. I promise to add some photos of the kids soon, once everything settles down.

In the meantime, a random photo or two. Makes me want to return to Cambodia!
At Sunset
At Sunrise

Can't decide which I preferred, sunset or sunrise, both were unique and amazing.

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