Friday, October 28, 2016

Best Motivational Speech - Inky Johnson

Watch this, again and again.

Process is more important than the product
Quitting is a habit
People stop because it's just about them
Honor sacrifices others have made

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Finicky Felines

Lucy Resting
Does anyone have finicky felines? Our two cats (can you call them cats at just over a year old?) are the most finicky felines I have ever been around. According to our vet, whom I adore, cats are not supposed to eat dry food but rather wet food due to the amount of protein they require. Our two lovelies would rather eat dry.

I have determined that pate style is a complete "no go" and that they prefer gravy style more than other types, fish is out, chicken and beef are sometimes in.

Ethel Resting
Whoever said that if you wait long enough the cats will eat have obviously never met Ethel and Lucy, who would rather fall over from hunger than eat something distasteful.

If you have any suggestions on food flavors, brands, etc. please send them my way.

Comedy Wildlife Photos

I came across an NPR article that talked about the finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photo Contest. Trust me, click on the link and enjoy some amazing and hilarious photos.

Happy Weekend Everyone!